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1D and 2D barcode readers

Cognex is the world leader of image-based ID readers and supports all of your 1D barcode and 2D code reading requirements.

Cognex DataManĀ® ID readers can read 1D code symbologies such as UPC, PDF and postal codes, 2D code symbologies such as Data Matrix and QR, or a mix of barcode and 2D codes simultaneously.

Dataman products include:

  • DataMan® 700 Series Handheld ID Readers
  • DataMan® 7500 Series Handheld ID Readers
  • DataMan® 100, the world’s smallest high-performance ID reader

DataMan Product Guide

Download the DataMan Product guide and specifications for the D700,D750 and D100 products. (1.3M Bytes)

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Cognex DataMan Readers