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Mobile data capture solutions for the building sector

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Spirit provides a complete solution for all of the construction industry’s mobile computing and data capture needs. We are a Managed Services company – so a typical solution could include mobile hardware, software (including both applications and mobile device management software), and a hosted server environment.

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For hardware, we’ve formed partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers, so that we can always offer you the devices and accessories that are best for your company.

For software, our flagship offering is Mobile Connect™, a highly scalable Mobility Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) for businesses of all sizes. This enables you to use and adapt software to suit the different services and applications that you require.

Spirit offers a wide range of software packages, modules and dashboard components for use by the construction industry. The same modules will often be used by different sectors, although sometimes in different ways.

Typical applications for the construction industry might include:

  • Stock control
  • Asset management
  • Work management (job allocation and scheduling)
  • GPS mapping and positioning

Mobile enterprise solutions can be used for handheld data capture and also in construction vehicles and cranes.

Mobile Connect™ is available as a hosted or non-hosted service. Find out more about our hardware partners and managed services.

Find out more about our hardware partners and managed services.

Case studies

Spirit has written a series of case studies on the construction market, please find out more below:

RCS / Balfour Beatty - Many companies have a significant proportion of mobile or field workers. One of the keys to successful mobile working is the ability to send and receive any relevant details rapidly and reliably – so that personnel in the field can make informed decisions. One company that has refined its data collection and transmission system recently is RCS. RCS is now using a new system based around Gotive H41/H42 computers.

Jewson - Wireless technology has developed in leaps and bounds in recent years. For instance, handheld wireless mobile computers now provide users with unprecedented levels of freedom and flexibility. When Jewson IT started looking for a solution that would streamline its customer product selection and ordering process, it asked us. Feasibility studies led to the choice of the Motorola MC9090 wireless mobile computer, which has quickened up the whole ordering process.

Read our extensive set of case studies here.