Mobile Connect™


Our versatile software platform is device-agnostic and supports both consumer and rugged units, including smartphones, android and IoS systems, WMS+ and above.

It’s also very flexible, as you can choose the specific modules you need (e.g. job list, photos, WiFi, GPRS, customer signature, end of day, timesheets report, vehicle tracking, scheduling, integrations, GPS mapping, device management and tracking, and maintenance).

Furthermore, our solution is fully supported throughout its lifecycle.


Mobile Connect™ protects your investment, as it is future-proof. You can upgrade your devices, migrate to different business systems, use different networks and change your business processes. This will save you both time and money over the solution’s lifecycle.


Mobile Connect™ supports the latest mobility and communication technologies. This opens up a host of potential mobile applications, enabling workers to access the information they need in the field and helping you to get maximum value from your enterprise systems.


Mobile Connect™ contains a powerful data management component to control data distribution between a customer’s back-end systems and mobile users. This acts as a firewall between users and information systems. Data files are distributed at a highly granular level according to rules, roles and responsibilities, ensuring that end users only have access to authorised data.

User security and authentication is managed within the platform and data is encrypted (using base 64) and placed within a message envelope. This represents a custom-binding element that supports channel security using asymmetric encryption. This binding element signs the message using the sender’s authentication token and encrypts the message using the recipient’s token.

The server and the mobile device communicate through a handshake via a heartbeat to confirm the existence of secure and known devices and data and the location of the device. Server and data security can include fully configured site-to-site VPNs, firewalls, DMZs, data centres, onsite customer locations and more. Lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely using the remote management software that comes as part of the platform.


Creating paperless solutions with streamlined processes improves the speed and accuracy of information exchange with field-based users. This reduces non-essential activities, such as unnecessary travel, idling, hunting for information and end-of-day paperwork sessions.