Software - Mobile Connect™

Software that brings the best out of your business

Software is a vital and integral element of Spirit’s complete mobile enterprise solutions. The right software will ensure that any mobile application is as effective, as cost-efficient and as versatile as possible.

Our flagship software offering – the heartbeat that brings all of the applications to life for the different business sectors – is Mobile Connect™. This is a highly scalable, feature-rich Mobility Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) for businesses of all sizes. It consists of a wide array of generic, re-usable modules that are tried and tested (instead of having to write expensive bespoke applications). Spirit will determine the best possible combination of modules for each customer, according to their specific needs.

Mobile Connect - System Overview


Mobile Connect

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Mobile Connect

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Case study - The Crick Institute


Watch our video on how The Crick Institute uses Mobile Connect and Zebra hardware to manage over 7,000 packages that need to be distributed within the labs and offices of their building in London.



Cross platform support

We can adapt the Mobile Connect™ software to the specific requirements of each business sector and the individual needs of customers within that sector. Mobile Connect™ is device-agnostic and supports both consumer and rugged mobile computers running Windows Embedded, Android or iOS operating systems. It’s therefore ideal for Bring Your Own (BYOD) situations. You can change devices whenever needed or use Mobile Connect™ with different devices in different parts of your business.

Selecting a common mobile platform for your mobile solutions will produce lower application, implementation and support costs and will result in shorter deployment cycles. Our platform is easily extendable, so it can grow as your business grows. It can be standalone or hosted on a dedicated physical or virtual server and can be customised to meet your specific needs.

In brief, Mobile Connect™ is designed to enable you to:

  • Deploy a wide range of mobile applications quickly and easily
  • Streamline your processes and optimise the efficiency of your mobile workers
  • Save time and money whilst boosting your productivity