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Spirit News – September 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of Spirit Data Capture’s newsletter for customers who are interested in information and news relating to rugged mobile computing solutions.

In this edition we explore recent trends in support and we look at two issues related to device management: ‘Bring your own devices’ and 'Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms'.

We provide a guide to the latest Android devices; a comparison of 3G, 4G and GPRS; and turn the spotlight on two interesting new products – a UV / IR barcode reader from Indata and an ‘appcessory’ from Mi-Zone.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. If you would like more information on any of the items below, please call us on 01928 718 800 or send an email to: Helen Jones.

The perils of ‘bring your own’

BYODIncreasingly people are using their own personal devices, including PDAs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops in their place of work - known as ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD).

However, there are risks involved in allowing them to enable their own devices for mobile working, as this could raise issues of security: they could gain access to sensitive business information.

One solution is professional device management. This will optimise the efficiency of any devices (whether business-owned or through BYOD) and also ensure that your security is safeguarded. That is why Spirit offers SOTI’s versatile MobiControl solution. This unique solution allows you to set consistent BYOD security and management policies on Android, iOS and other platforms.

MobiControl enables organisations that operate a BYOD policy to integrate these devices seamlessly into their companies, whilst maintaining the highest levels of corporate protection. Contact us now for further information.

MEAPS keep you mobile

One of the latest innovations that is taking place in the field service management industry is the increasing adoption of Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs). These are used for developing and managing mobile apps over multiple devices and operating systems. But what should you be looking for in a MEAP?

Mobile ConnectA Mobile Enterprise Application Platform allows native apps to be developed more easily and to move smoothly across different operating systems and devices. It should provide you with all of the tools you need to create and deploy the apps that will support your mobile workforce. This increasingly includes the ability to manage your mobile devices effectively. Some MEAPs will also enable you to develop your own private app store.

MEAPs are likely to continue to grow in popularity, due to the ease of development and integration that they offer to companies.  Spirit has developed its own MEAP. For further information please click here.

Advance of the Androids…

An increasing number of Android devices are becoming available on the market. Download our quick guide to the models being offered by Spirit.

Android comparison

All will be revealed…

Indata Systems is the leading designer and manufacturer of ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR) barcode readers. These are used for checking the UV and IR barcodes that are often printed covertly on various products (such as security markings and barcodes on product sub-assemblies). The barcodes are also used for brand and integrity protection and for tracking and tracing products.

One of Indata’s latest products is the LDS1902 UV / IR cordless barcode reader (a tethered version, the LDS1900, is also available). This is an affordable but robust scanning solution for decoding fluorescent barcodes. Various wavelengths are available to suit specific scanning requirements. The LDS1902 is an ideal solution for high volume requirements and multiple locations.

Spirit is now Indata’s European Distributor and we supply and support their full range of UV and IR barcode readers. Contact us to find out if they could help your organisation.


Supporting the latest trends

A recent annual survey by Supportindustry.com (2012 Service & Support Snapshot) identified five key trends in support. These are:

  • A rise in alternative support channels (including different online channels) and a decline in phone support.
  • An increase in support budgets – with a corresponding increase in customer satisfaction.
  • A slow take-up of social media: this new support channel remains under-used.
  • More cloud control: i.e. more people are using cloud (Software as a Service) applications in their support centres.
  • A greater emphasis on remote support: An increasing number of respondents said that remote support helps to solve issues.

So, support is changing and suppliers need to keep up with the latest trends or risk being left behind. Spirit’s Managed Helpdesk Service is designed to meet a wide range of needs, providing support for a comprehensive array of solutions, including: mobile VPN and security; device management; rugged mobile hardware (PDAs, laptops and tablets); scanners and printers; remote communication (WWAN, WLAN and PAN); additional mobile hardware; and mobility software.

HelpdeskWe also offer various ways of contacting us: you can raise a support ticket with the helpdesk via email, phone or through our website. We use sophisticated remote screen-controlled capabilities to provide mobile solution analysis and problem determination; mobile device management; spare pool management; electronic Return Material Authorisation (RMA) processing; and advanced technical assistance.

Contact us now for further information.

Mi-Zone on my phone!

Mi ZoneSpirit has formed an exciting new partnership with Mi-Zone Technology. Mi-Zone is an 'appcessory' – a mobile phone app that's linked to a Mi-zone proximity tag that can be put on any item that could easily be lost or stolen (such as a keyring, laptop, camera, mobile device etc.). If the person moves more than a set distance away from the item, an alert automatically sounds on both the tag and the mobile.

Some 5.2 million mobiles were lost in Britain last year but MiZone could have prevented many of these losses. This is a particularly important consideration at a time when most businesses are operating with such small margins. The app can be quickly installed on Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Android smart phones and a Bluetooth connection links it to the Mi-Zone proximity tag. It can also be linked to devices such as a mobile printer being used by a delivery driver.

The app has three security settings and an alert will also sound if an item is being stolen. The tag has a battery life of 50 hours and sends messages to the phone when a charge of only five hours or less is left. Contact us now to find out more!

Communication – 3G v 4G

Perhaps surprisingly, the 3G mobile communications standard is now over ten years old. In recent months, an increasing number of technologies and networks have opted for 4G (and even this standard has actually existed for some time). 4G was officially launched this week and it will be running in 16 cities by Christmas, but what are the main advantages of 4G when compared with 3G?

iPhone5One of the key differences is that it offers higher data transfer speeds (although this isn’t clear cut, as 3G speeds depend at least partly upon the network and the way in which it has been implemented).

However, this highlights another main difference: 3G networks were designed for voice communications rather than for data transmission, whereas 4G networks have been specifically developed for data transmission. This means that for mobile phones, 4G is ideal for any users who need rapid and reliable access to data.

There are many complex and interdependent moving parts that must work together before a standard definition of 4G is solidified. The benefits to service providers and end users drive the adoption of 3G services that, in turn, lead to the demand for even more advanced services.

Although 4G is very much the next step in mobile communications, it is still at an early stage of adoption, especially in the UK with little or no coverage provided, few mobile devices supporting the technology and with initial costs likely to be high.

To find out more about the 4G capabilities available in our products, and how they could help your company, contact us now.

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