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Spirit Newsflash – Buy your mobile enterprise hardware NOW before prices rise!

Beat the price riseBeat the price rise! We are expecting many of the leading mobile enterprise device manufacturers to put up their prices in the next couple of weeks.

This is mainly due to the strength of the dollar compared with the euro. In some instances we are expecting prices to rise by as much as 20%. If you were anticipating making a purchase in the next few weeks, we would suggest that NOW is the ideal time to buy before prices start rising! Contact us now to get the latest prices.


Can we buy your ES400?

Can we buy back your Motorola ES400s? The popular ES400 has been discontinued and we are aware that many of our customers are no longer using their units.

If you are a current ES400 user and have any devices you don’t need, please contact us about our potential buyback proposition. We can also provide advice on suitable products if you’re looking for a replacement for the ES400.

For further information on either of these items, please call us on 01928 718800 or send an email to: helen.jones@spiritdatacapture.co.uk.

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